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Private Piano Teachers
How to Pick the Right One?

1. Music Teacher, Exactly, Who Will Be My Teacher?

Is she the same person who had an audition with you? If not, you are taking an unnecessary risk. Take the audition with the exact teacher that will give you the lessons.

2. Private Music Teacher, Is She Really One?

Is she a conservatory graduate? Did you see her diploma? Don't forget that 90% of the private piano teachers don't posses a diploma.

3. Music School Teacher, A Conservatory Graduate, But Which Department?

Check the diplomas closely to see if the lessons you are offered and the departments studied match.

4. Piano Teacher! Can She Really Play?

You will be disturbed to hear that many of the piano teachers can't really play well. Their explanation for that will be "Teaching and playing are two different things". You decide...

5. Is The Music School Registered By The Ministry of Education?

If not, why not? What are conditions that the school couldn't meet and what are they lacking? Aren't teachers well enough to get a registration from the ministry. Ask for the legal documentation depicting a ministry registration.

6. Is The Music Education Program Approved As "Conservatory Equivalent" By The Ministry Of Education?

This acceptance requires a thorough analysis of the program and the teaching staff in terms of adequacy, which may be an easy way of finding a high class, high caliber education. As usual, check this legal/formal documentation by yourself.

7. Is It A "Group" Lesson?

As a new fashion in Turkey, there are now "group piano lessons", due to pure economic reasons as you might have guessed.
Keep in mind that every student has a different pace of learning and requires a different teaching approach. So, what happens in those group lessons? Most lose time and money.
There is no such "real" thing as a group piano (or for any other instrument) lesson, its just another fruit of business creativity. Don't waste your limited time and motivation.